Paavakkai Puli Kootu

One of our family favourite is bitter-gourd / Pavakkai. We usually make the paavakai fries which goes well with all rice varieties. This semi gravy can be served along with any variety rice or roti. The bitterness is balanced with spice and sour flavours of red chilli powder and tamarind.

Roasted Baby Potatoes

So who doesn’t love potatoes ??? The one vegetable that everyone loves. This is a delicious crispy pan fried baby potatoes which can be had with rice or rotis (My kids have them as such 😋)

Groundnut Sundal

I have prepared Groundnut sundal by tempering boiled peanuts with chilli and curry leaves. It can be had as a snack or as an accompaniment to any variety rice. It is very nutritious and kids love it !!!

Channa Sundal

Sundal is a South Indian stir fry dish which is prepared using legumes. Sundals are prepared using legumes like chickpeas, corn, peanuts, green gram etc. They are easy to cook and are very nutritious. Sundals are normally prepared during festivals like Navaratri, Vinayakar Chadurthi in South India. I have prepared Channal sundal using white chickpeas…

Paruppu Thogayal

Paruppu Thogayal is a simple and quick accompaniment that can be prepared n very less time. It can be mixed with rice or had as a side to any spicy South Indian gravy.

Milagu Kuzhambu

Milagu Kuzhambu is a traditional and tasty South Indian accompaniment that is prepared with freshly ground masala and tamarind. It is a healthy and has medicinal properties and could be had if you are down with cold.

Puli Inji by Priya Anantharaman

Puli Inji is a traditional and exotic pickle prepared in Kerala, South India and no sadhya is complete without it. It is so tasty and is a combination of all flavours sour, sweet and spicy. The main ingredients are ginger, tamarind and green chillies which are mixed in right quantity to make a flavourful, rightly…

Kottavarangai / Cluster Beans Paruppu Usili

Paruppu usili is a popular and protein packed dish from Tamil Nadu, South India. It is made by softening the dal by soaking, steaming and mixing them with the vegetables of your choice. In this recipe, I have made cluster beans / kothavarangai paruppu usili. You can prepare it with beans, vazhathai poo, cabbage too.

Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is an exotic, nutritious and delicious paneer gravy / accompaniment made with spinach and paneer along with spices. They can be had with rice / roti. They are smooth and creamy and so tempting.

Bombay Chutney / Kadalai Maavu Chutney

Bombay chutney is a super quick yet delicious accompaniment that you can have with Idli / Dosa / poori / Chapati. It’s made with besan flour / kadalai maavu / chick pea flour as main ingredient along with tomato onion and spices.

Vendakkai Mor Kuzhambu

Mor Kuzhambu is a simple yet delicious gravy from the South Indian cuisine made from buttermilk and vegetables like ladies finger, pumpkin, ash gourd. It can be had as an accompaniment with rice. Here, I have made vendakkai / ladies finger mor kuzhambu and we had with white rice and vegetable fry.

Blueberry Hummus

Hummus is one of our favourite dip. After trying the chocolate hummus, I couldn’t stop myself from trying another version of Hummus. This time decided to try something that is not too sweet, so tried this Blueberry version and it was too good.

Chocolate Hummus

Hummus is a dip, spread or savoury dish very popular in middle eastern cuisine. We loved the hummus and wanted to try a dessert version of it. I tried the chocolate hummus which serves as a dessert or as a dip / spread too !!

Kara Chutney

We always live to try different chutney varieties. I saw my friend Monisha’s video recipe (Moni’s healthy kitchen and lifestyle) of Kara chutney and it was so so tempting that I wanted to try it too !!

Nellikkai Thaiyir Pachadi

Nellikkai thayir pachadi / raita is a healthy and conventional South Indian recipe which can be had along with kuzhambu / sambar and rasam rice. Nellikkai / Goosberry also called as Amla is rich in vitamin C and helps to fight common cold. It also helps in building immunity and burns fat.

Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu

Urundai Kuzhambu is a very special and delicious kuzhambu / gravy variety of South India. It’s a traditional gravy from the Chettinaad cuisine. The tasty urundai / balls are steamed and then added in the spicy and tangy onion tomato gravy.

Homemade Sriracha Sauce

Sriracha sauce is from the Thai cuisine. It is a spicy sauce made of chillies, garlic, vinegar and brown sugar. Sriracha sauce is used as a condiment to enhance the flavour of noodles, soups or can be served as a dip too !!

Easy Vegetable Stew

Vegetable stew is a delicious and easy accompaniment that can be had with aapam and Idiyappam. It is a dish from Kerala, South India.

Sundakkai Vattal Kuzhambu

Kuzhambu is a common tamarind based gravy in Tamilnadu, India. We can add vegetables or sometimes lentils to it. Here, I have added dried turkey berries / sundakkai vattal. I love the sundakkai vattal so much and this recipe is also easy, hence this kuzhambu is a dish I often make at home.

Kadalai Curry

Kadalai curry is a delicious gravy made with kala channa / Black chickpea and ground spices with coconut. It is a popular and most delicious condiment for puttu, which is an authentic dish of the South Indian cuisine.

Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney is a South Indian accompaniment made with coconut pulp, fried gram and green chilli. It is used as a side for most of the snacks and South Indian breakfast like Idly, Dosa, Pongal and many more.

Beetroot Raita / Beetroot Pachadi

Raita is a condiment made of curd with raw to cooked vegetables. The Beetroot Raita is made with cooked beetroot and coconut paste with curd. Healthy, nutritious Beetroot raita can be had as accompaniment to rice or naan / paratha of your choice.


Aviyal is a simple yet delicious curry made with vegetables, coconut and yogurt. It is a famous and tasty dish of South Indian cuisine that goes well with rice and adai.

Vada Curry

Vada Curry is one of the famous and flavorful side dish of South Indian Cuisine. It is often had for breakfast along with Set Dosa, Idli or aapam. I first felt it had lot of ingredients but each and every ingredient adds a special taste and aroma to the dish making them indispensable.

Easy Vaazhakkai Pan Fry

Vaazhakkai / Raw Banana is rich in fiber, good for diabetes and an excellent source of vitamins. This Vaazhakkai fry is a simple recipe that can be made on a busy day. It’s easy yet yummy and is a favorite dish for my kids !!

Gutti Vankaya Kura / Stuffed Brinjal Dry Curry

Gutti Vangaya Kura is a popular stuffed Brinjal curry from the Andhra cuisine. The onions, peanuts and coconut in the stuffing, combined with the Brinjal, adds an unique flavor and taste to the dish. I have tried the dry version of this recipe. It can be used as a side for rice.

Classic Hummus

Hummus is a dip / spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice and garlic. It is popular in the middle east. I have tried the basic version of Hummus which can be used as a side for bread, salads and burritos.

Tapioca / Kappa Fry

Tapioca or Kappa also known as Cassava is rich in carbohydrates. When taken in moderate amount is useful for weight gain. It is also a gluten free alternative to wheat. This tasty kappa fry with coconut is a perfect blend of spices and tastes delicious.

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