Idli Dosa Batter

Idli dosa batter can be prepared at home with little effort and makes soft and spongy idlis and crispy dosas.

I have prepared the batter using wet grinder, in the conventional way. You can prepare the same using the mixer grinder too but wet grinder gives best results.


Soaking time – 6 hours
Preparation time – 45 mins
Fermentation time – Overnight
  • Parboiled / Idli Rice – 1 kg (4 cups)
  • Whole urad dal – 1 cup
  • Poha / Aval – 1/2 cup
  • Fenugreek seeds – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as required


  • Wash and soak rice for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Wash and soak urad dal and fenugreek seeds separately for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Wash and soak the poha for 10 mins and add it while grinding. I used thin flakes poha, if you are using thick flakes soak for 30 mins to one hour.
  • In the wet grinder, add the fenugreek seeds and grind well to form a paste.
  • Drain the water, add the urad dal and grind.
  • Add water little by little and grind it to form a smooth fluffy batter.
  • Remove the urad dal batter and keep it aside.
  • Now drain the water, add rice and poha to the grinder.
  • Grind it to a batter adding water little by little.
  • Now add salt and the urad dal batter and mix for 30 seconds in the grinder.
  • Check the batter consistency and add little water if needed. Don’t make it hard or runny.
  • Remove it and again mix well using your hands to lead to fermentation.
  • Keep the batter covered overnight or for 12 hours and allow it to ferment.
  • Once fermented, give a mix and store in refrigerator and can use for a week or 10 days.

The same batter can used to prepare idli, dosa and uthappam which can be had for breakfast or dinner. Idli and dosas can be served hot with chutneys and sambar.

Key Points

  • In order to ferment the batter, you can keep the batter in microwave oven with lights on.
  • You can use a preheated OTG too if you are experiencing a cold weather. Preheat to around 100*C.

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