Crispy Corn

I first tasted this dish in Barbeque Nation, Chennai. From then on, it has been on top of my favorites. Finally got to try at home and was happy with the outcome.

Here’s my recipe !!!

Ingredients (Serves 3)

Preparation time – 5 mins
Cooking time – 10 mins
  • Frozen corn – 250 gms 
  • Rice flour – 2 tbsp
  • Corn flour – 2 tbsp 
  • Chilli powder – ½ tsp 
  • Pepper powder – ½ tsp
  • Cumin powder – 3/4 tsp
  • Chaat masala – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as needed 
  • Oil – for frying 
  • Onion – ½ finely chopped
  • Coriander – 1 small bunch finely chopped


  • Cook frozen corn as per the package instructions. If using fresh corn boil in enough water for 3 mins and filter til they are cooked.
  • Filter it to avoid any excess water.
  • Mix corn, rice flour and corn flour with 1 tbsp of water just enough to coat all corn uniformly with the flour.
  • Deep fry and drain the excess oil with tissue paper.
  • In a bowl add the fried corn , all the spices and  some salt and mix it to spread evenly.
  • Garnish with onion and coriander leaves.

Key Points

  • Chaat masala is quite tangy , so use it according to your taste.

Enjoy it as a evening snack. Kids will love them too.

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