Welcome to Swe’s Kitchen. I’m happy that you are here visiting my little blog. A blog about healthy, tasty and mouth watering vegetarian dishes and food photography, where I’ll share my best recipes and everything I know while continuing to explore the world of cooking.

This blog has been created in 2020 as a space to share my passion for cooking and photography. I hope my posts help you with the best tasting dishes. I welcome your thoughtful feedback and comments. Let us inspire and motivate each other to keep improving the blog by sharing our ideas and thoughts.

Recent recipes

Poha Chivda

Deepavali snacks is never complete without mixture. This year decided to make something different instead of the regular one. Chivda is a snack that contains varieties of roasted ingredients like poha and nuts added together.

Mysore Pak

The most exciting festival “Deepavali” is round the corner and I have just started with the first round of sweets and snacks for it. From childhood, Deepavali is the most awaited festival as we get to meet friends and relatives and have fun. Mysore pak is a must have sweet on this festival for me.…

Paavakkai Puli Kootu

One of our family favourite is bitter-gourd / Pavakkai. We usually make the paavakai fries which goes well with all rice varieties. This semi gravy can be served along with any variety rice or roti. The bitterness is balanced with spice and sour flavours of red chilli powder and tamarind.

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